Restaurant in Ravello Villa Fraulo
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Menu and cellar

MENU 2018 – Dinner from 7 to 10 pm

Hors D’Oeuvre

Anchovies pie stuffed with burrata fresh cheese and artichokes

Beef carpaccio with rocket salad and parmesan cheese

Crunchy broad beans with buffalo ricotta fresh cheese mousse and asparagus

Villa Fraulos raw seafood selection

Mozzarella rolls stuffed with shrimps, cappers, olives in a light tomato water

First Course

Scilatielli pasta with clams, zucchini flowers and Amalfi grated lemon

Baked ziti pasta with swordfish ragu, yellow cherry tomatoes, cappers and olives

Large dumplings gnocchi stuffed with scampi in a light shellfish bisque scented with onion

Rabbit ragu risotto with chopped vegetables and anchovies sauce

Potatoes, peas and broad beans soup with zucchini flowers stuffed with local melted cheese

Second Course

Tomato lamb shank  with ginger potatoes purple chips scented with local wild herbs

Almonds crust beef fillet with balsamic vinegar souce and baked vegetable caponata

Catch of the day grilled-salt crust-acqua pazza style

Tempura salt cod fish with broccoli and  typical sweet&sour tomato

Roasted cuttlefish with black rise ball stuffed with peas

Seared meagre fishfilet with escarole, lemon, mint and anchovies souce

Selection of typical cheese and local cured meats


Fresh fruit sliced with creme brulee foam and crunchy rise

Tiramisù classic

Hazelnut parfait with mint and balsamic vi negar gelee

Dark chocolate lava cake with red fruit sauce

Puff pastry cornets with ricotta sheep cheese and candied pears


MENU 2018 – Lunch from 12 to 5 pm

First Course

Spaghetti with clams

Tagliatelle Bolognese style

Fusilli pasta with zucchini, crispy pork cheek and provolone del Monaco, local cow cheese

Second Course

Mixed fried fish

Cut of beef with rocket salad and parmesan cheese

Catch of the day filet  with cherry tomatoes, olives, wild herbs and capers

Selection of typical cheese and local cured meats


Cheeseburger with French fries

Tomato, mozzarella, basil

Flat bread with parma ham, rocket salad and burrata fresh cheese


Nicoise (boiled eggs, green beans, tuna, basil, black olives, anchovies, tomatos, cucumbers, onions)

Caesar salad chef style (homemade croutons, grilled vegetables, chicken, local caw cheese)

Caprese (buffalo mozzarella, tomato, basil)



Incomparable charm of the wine cellar, with a barrel vault, which is compulsory visit, where there is a natural temperature which is about 12° -14°.

Ideal to keep all the best wines on the international scene, especially those indigenous, among which are those of the cellar “Apicella” in Tramonti and those of “Marisa Cuomo” of Furore.

Booking himself, you can dine by the light of a hundred candles, in a unique and exciting atmosphere.